The Cognitive Companion
for Children with Autism and Special Needs


Autism Spectrum

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a developmental disorder that affects communication, expression and social behavior. Autism is not Mental Retardation or lack of intelligence. Individuals on the Autism spectrum may appear to be less intelligent due to deficits with socializing and communication, however, they are very intelligent, detail oriented, honest and reliable.
International studies show that more than 70 million people are affected with Autism worldwide.

A diagnosis of Autism has a significant impact on each member of the child’s family. Autism diagnosis has the ability to affect social dynamics within the family. Families are frequently forced to make significant changes and decisions, some of which may be cause additional burdens on the family.

Spectrum Abilities

    Individuals with autism are mostly visual thinkers and learners with strong logical connections. They are precise, detail oriented, honest and reliable, and have the ability to concentrate for long periods of time. When motivated they may become exceptionally good in science, art, music, mathematics and engineering. As Temple Grandin says, “The world needs all kind of minds”.

    Although Autism Spectrum Disorder presents several challenges, many people have become very successful and have been able to achieve their full potential. They are speaking out, expressing their emotions and using their skills to help others. Carly Fleischmann once said it was hard being autistic and being in a body which she could not control, but she overcame her challenges. Some other successful individuals with autism who are making a difference are Temple Grandin, Stephen Wiltshire, Tito Mukhopadhyay, Anita Lesko

Special Education & IEP

The USA as well as other countries have adopted the IEP law. This law requires every individual with Autism and other special needs to have an Individualized Education Program (IEP)
Purpose of the IEP is to 1.Find the actual special NEEDS of a child to create goals 2.Assign the appropriate SERVICES & 3.Measure the PROGRESS toward goals.

Without knowing the child’s needs or understanding the child's interests, abilities or learning patterns IEP goals and services do not work, which will not only waste money and energy, it also frustrates children to continue to pursue their interest in learning and reaching their highest potential.

Empowering parents, teachers, therapists and professionals with knowledge of a child’s interests, abilities, and cognitive level of skills like reading, writing, math, thinking and problem solving will help structure an effective Individualized Education Program (IEP).
Connecting and Orchestrating the IEP team to work together with constant updates and feedback on the goals in progress to will help children reach those goals.

IEP|ONE Platform

The Cognitive Companion is an A.I. based Cognitive Computing Platform. The purpose of the platform is to capture the interests, abilities and needs of children on the Autism Spectrum, so that this information can be used to help educators, professionals and caregivers, design objective IEPs.



Companion App

Understand the child’s interests, learning patterns and abilities using the child’s Companion “Play” App.

Expert Questionnaires

Provide recommendations using “Expert Questionnaires” and associated “Expert Suggestions”

Team App

Collaborate with teachers, therapists, parents, professionals, and others to help the child reach their goals using the Team “Orchestration” App.

Companion Reports

Build Individualized Education Plans using “IEP|ONE Reports” generated by the IEP|ONE Cognitive Engine, using CDC milestones.

Express Bar

Communicate with children by receiving their actions and emotions using the Express “Communication” Bar.

Reward System

Help children understand real world rewards and incentives by making progress toward goals understood, using the uniquely designed Reward “Trophy” System.

Community Blogs


Knowing your child with special needs is more important than knowing the diagnosis itself.

“For the past 8 years, I got to know more about my son while searching for autism in him. The blog - 'YOU CANNOT SEE AUTISM. KNOW ME, DO NOT JUDGE ME' is what I heard from my non-verbal son.”

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IEP|ONE Applications

Companion "Child Play" App

Children / Students
  • Play Games & Videos
  • Challenge Play
  • Experts Questionnaire
  • Express & Communicate
  • Coins & Rewards
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Cognitive "Companion" Reports

Parents, Teachers, Therapists & Doctors
  • Child's Play Activity
  • Experts Assessments
  • IEP Team Advisory
  • Cognitive Analysis
  • Companion "CDC" Reports
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Team "Orchestration" App

Child's IEP|ONE Team
  • Create Team
  • Create Goals
  • Progress Update
  • Advisory System
  • Analyze Progress
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